Just One Pair

by Stella Lau


These past fall/winter months, I keep reaching out for the same pair of shoes. My gorgeous Acne Pistol Boots.(if only i had enough money) My lovely black chelsea boots.


Topshop Basing Chelsea Boots

These are the Topshop Basing Chelsea Boots. I purchased them for $70 online at Nordstrom . The elastic band on the side enables me to quickly put and take them off. The slight point at the tip did initially give my blisters, but after a while the shoe stretched slightly, and they are now fairly comfortable. These are no Acne Pistol Boots but I’m sure that these will last for at least a year.


Simple yet looks very Chic

These are very versatile and will definitely match with all my clothes. Its much better to have one pair of versatile shoes that you love than to own multiple pairs that you rarely wear. Shoes are meant to be worn not to be collecting dust in a cluttered space. Instead of buying ten black boots, just buy one pair that you love and will go with everything you wear.


Take care of your feet and your feet shall take care of you!

Happy Holidays,