Quality Over Quantity

by Stella Lau

Lately I have been realizing that it is must better to buy one good quality item over many cheaper items.

I bought this cute pair of white sandals from Forever21. I barely worn it for a month and the glue from of the soles has already detached.


The glue has come off to reveal a tacky rubber sole with a cheaply made hard interior.


Ew Gross. Well that is embarrassing.

Sigh. What a waste of money. At least they were not overly expensive(about $20-$25 if I recall correctly), however I suppose you do get what you pay for.

Well lesson learned through the hard way. These actually fell apart as I was running errands. I had to walk back home as the back of the shoes flopped like crazy.


I am glaring at you Forever21.

I will make a longer post on fast fashion later. But for now, I do not think I will be shopping at forever21 or at any fast fashion retail store soon. Next time I will just save up and buy something that will last longer than 21 days.