Just One Pair


These past fall/winter months, I keep reaching out for the same pair of shoes. My gorgeous Acne Pistol Boots.(if only i had enough money) My lovely black chelsea boots.


Topshop Basing Chelsea Boots

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Quality Over Quantity

Lately I have been realizing that it is must better to buy one good quality item over many cheaper items.

I bought this cute pair of white sandals from Forever21. I barely worn it for a month and the glue from of the soles has already detached.


The glue has come off to reveal a tacky rubber sole with a cheaply made hard interior.

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Hello From the Other Side


inspiring graphic from becomingminamalist


Hello Stranger,

I’m just your average quirky emotional teenager that loves video games, fashion, and cosmetics (ironic). I’ve been noticing my peers becoming more and more obsessed with material possessions. These obsessions range from “needing” to go on a shopping spree every season to an uncontrollable splurge at Sephora.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of this obsession every since middle school. However I am left feeling unsatisfied with a huge pile of stuff that I don’t even need or want.

This blog is to share a minimalist approach to beauty, fashion, and life.

Hope you stay for the ride! 🙂